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Monday, April 6, 2015

progress and setbacks

It has been a while since i posted.
I am contemplating buying another 3d printer to wrap this up faster.

also i had a small scale industrial accident in my appartment thhat has set me back quite a bit.
i was dissolving some ABS in acetone in a non heat rated volumetric flask. I use this solution to bond the ABS to the heated build plate with a thin layer of ABS by squirting the solution on the glass plate and allowing the Acetone to evaporate.

well i got impatient and put my heat gun (on lowish) under the volumetric flask. I then left it unattended and it got too hot and the flask shattered, dumping about a half a liter of acetone down my heat gun and all over a bunch of finished parts. Yep, lesson learned.

I have begun working through learning enough about raspberry pi neopixels to write the code for this thing and made a tiny bit of progress. I have attached a video. Its not much to look at, but it does represent progress. I can change the color of the LEDs and have begun to work out how to switch them on and off at will.

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