Printer Live Feed

This is a live video feed of my 3D printer 

Monday, February 23, 2015

2-23-2015 Update

I have a few more parts printed that I wanted to share pictures of.
I have spent much of the last week and a half working through experiments that will hopefully result in reliable ABS printing. I am currently using ABS dissolved in Acetone to create a slurry i can pour on the printers build plate to create a thin film of ABS for parts to adhere to. Additionally I have to enclose the entire printer to keep the build plate temperature above 110C. The ultimaker company should put a more powerful heating plate in this and offer enclosure options if they are going to tell people this printer can print ABS reliably. 

I was also distracted by a trip I made to Lego Land where i picked up a huge Slave 1 kit, pictured below, after the project photos.

above is the assembly as of today, I still need 28 LED rings, 1 coil spacer, and 2 end caps

here are the parts that stack inside the warp core to hold the lights, contain the wiring, and fit around the 1/2 threaded rod that will run down the center to clamp it all together.

bad background, fun picture.

all i can think about is peter griffin being unfrozen and farting for 10 minutes every time I see Han in carbonite

Thursday, February 12, 2015

I will do my best to catch up this blog as to where I am at in the process. I hope to get a screen grab out of 3ds max soon to show what the finished model will look like.
here are all the pieces I have printed so far.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

First Post

As this is the first post here I want to talk a bit about why I made this.
I am in the middle of a big project to create a large scale star trek style warp core that connects to the render farm at my work and will pulse at a speed relative to the load on our render farm machines.
The printing is well under way
I have the raspberry pi and a string of neo pixles to test with.
Currently I am focused on getting all the printing done, but soon I am going to need assistance figuring out the programming to make the LEDs behave like the trek warp core and then more help again to get the connection to our thinkbox deadline repository to control the speed of the lights.
 a tertiary goal is to imbed a speaker in the model to play the warp core sound at the appropriate speed to match the lights.

If you know python and want to help I would love the assistance, just shoot me an email: