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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

First Post

As this is the first post here I want to talk a bit about why I made this.
I am in the middle of a big project to create a large scale star trek style warp core that connects to the render farm at my work and will pulse at a speed relative to the load on our render farm machines.
The printing is well under way
I have the raspberry pi and a string of neo pixles to test with.
Currently I am focused on getting all the printing done, but soon I am going to need assistance figuring out the programming to make the LEDs behave like the trek warp core and then more help again to get the connection to our thinkbox deadline repository to control the speed of the lights.
 a tertiary goal is to imbed a speaker in the model to play the warp core sound at the appropriate speed to match the lights.

If you know python and want to help I would love the assistance, just shoot me an email:

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