Printer Live Feed

This is a live video feed of my 3D printer 

Monday, September 28, 2015

9/28/2015 - Update

I have been adding a lot of detail into the touch screen electronics enclosure so that it will be very tidy. I will have images soon. I also started mocking up the LCARS interface I want to figure out how to make work on the raspberry pi as the interface for this thing. Below is a picture of what I have so far.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

9/20/2015 UPDATE - The printer is back on line!

I received the replacement main board from Ultimatker yesterday and installed it today. Everything is back up and running. After a ton of cleaning, new belts and lots of adjustment the printer is quieter than ever. The only issue i have to work now is that one of the cooling fans isn't working. Fortunately I don't need the fan that isn't working to print so I will delay replacing it for a while.
I have redesigned the central lighting core to include a removable 40 pin connector so removing the touch screen from the body of the warp core will only involve 1 plug now.

After the first part printed i realized none of the fans were working, so i have ordered a new one, however i suspect i have damaged the fan control circuity on the brand new board. Doh! If it turns out this is the case i will need to replace the board eventually, but i plan to wire up a USB power cable to get the hot end cooling fan to run as an interim solution.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Kickstarter I like

I just backed this project.
looks like a fascinating book to keep around. Design, Communication, Branding, AND space. You know I had to do this.

9/16/2015 Update

I should have posted this a while ago, the warp core project was featured on the thinkbox blog. Check it out!

Currently i am awaiting warranty parts for the printer, a stepper driver failed. Ultimaker has been amazing and helped me do some very detailed troubleshooting and will have the board out the very next day! I love it when companies get it right!

Other news, I cracked the touch screen i was using, I saw a new multi-touch display that came out and doesn't use the HDMI port. It is significantly larger than the current display and requires a redesign of the back of the core. Rather than continuing to refine the design of the old screen, which used 3 PC boards and was a pain to pack in the tight space I have available. I had printed about 20 different configurations trying to get it all packed in there. This new solution should be cooler and less complex. I have my fingers crossed that i can get the OS to display in portrait mode and work properly.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Project update 9/2/2015

A lot has been going on the last month or so. I am now unemployed and contracted a bad staph infection on my jaw and have been out of commission for a while. Today I wrapped up gluing the central warp core part. Soon I will begin primer and finishing of all the plastic parts. The job search and my health are taking priority so the going is slow. I also re tasked the printer for a few weeks to print prototypes for a friends startup.