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Sunday, September 20, 2015

9/20/2015 UPDATE - The printer is back on line!

I received the replacement main board from Ultimatker yesterday and installed it today. Everything is back up and running. After a ton of cleaning, new belts and lots of adjustment the printer is quieter than ever. The only issue i have to work now is that one of the cooling fans isn't working. Fortunately I don't need the fan that isn't working to print so I will delay replacing it for a while.
I have redesigned the central lighting core to include a removable 40 pin connector so removing the touch screen from the body of the warp core will only involve 1 plug now.

After the first part printed i realized none of the fans were working, so i have ordered a new one, however i suspect i have damaged the fan control circuity on the brand new board. Doh! If it turns out this is the case i will need to replace the board eventually, but i plan to wire up a USB power cable to get the hot end cooling fan to run as an interim solution.

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