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Monday, February 23, 2015

2-23-2015 Update

I have a few more parts printed that I wanted to share pictures of.
I have spent much of the last week and a half working through experiments that will hopefully result in reliable ABS printing. I am currently using ABS dissolved in Acetone to create a slurry i can pour on the printers build plate to create a thin film of ABS for parts to adhere to. Additionally I have to enclose the entire printer to keep the build plate temperature above 110C. The ultimaker company should put a more powerful heating plate in this and offer enclosure options if they are going to tell people this printer can print ABS reliably. 

I was also distracted by a trip I made to Lego Land where i picked up a huge Slave 1 kit, pictured below, after the project photos.

above is the assembly as of today, I still need 28 LED rings, 1 coil spacer, and 2 end caps

here are the parts that stack inside the warp core to hold the lights, contain the wiring, and fit around the 1/2 threaded rod that will run down the center to clamp it all together.

bad background, fun picture.

all i can think about is peter griffin being unfrozen and farting for 10 minutes every time I see Han in carbonite

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