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Thursday, December 31, 2015

12-31-2015 Update

My last post was a while ago and I wanted to provide an update.
I am currently working on the design for a nice stand for the project.
I am also working on a few videos, the first that I will publish is going to be an overview of the function of the lights. I will demonstrate what each warp factor looks like as well as some fun programs. In the follow on video I will go through some of the parts and talk about decisions I made during the design and printing concerns. I will also make a recording of me assembling the project and talk about some of the shortcomings and issues with assembly.
If there are specific topics you want me to speak to or if you have questions you would like me to address in the videos let me know.
Here is a little taste while I work on making some videos using a cell phone and go pro!

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