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This is a live video feed of my 3D printer 

Friday, May 1, 2015

5/1/2015 update 2

Here is an additional video showing the basic functionality in place.

Whats left:

  • the entire center of the core needs to be printed, (about 2 weeks of printing)
  • 5 more of the translucent coils. (48 hours of printing each)
  • 18 aluminium rods that need threads cut on each end and then polished (about 6 hours of labor)
  • print the raspberry pi access panel (about 12 hours of printing)
  • Print the windows for the central core (about 8 hours of printing)
  • I need to design new clips to hold the LED strips on, the ones i made have a huge stress concentration flaw and they aren't working as springs like they should. (8 hours of printing)
  • Fit, sand and paint everything (about 24 hours of labor)
  • Another 16 hours of coding to make the code work with our render farm properly and add some fancy stuff with timing and brightness. 

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