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Saturday, May 30, 2015

5/30/2015 Update

So it has been a while since i posted an update. There have been a few milestones and a couple setbacks.
i set a huge print to run for 7 days while i traveled to Seattle earlier this month. The printer jumped a tooth and the last few layers were skewed. so that was 7 days of printing lost.
I carved the huge piece into slices so if i had issues printing I wouldn't lose the entire part. After the first piece printed i noticed it was not square. Apparently when i reset the printer after the belt skip i didn't align things properly and everything was being skewed. I have all that sorted and we are making progress again.

The good news!
Alex has the code working and pulling data from the render farm to set the speed of the warp core.
Here is a video of it.
you can see the speed switch at 7 seconds in.
This functional sculpture now interacts with ThinkBox's Deadline render managing software!

Here is a fun function test of the RGB LEDs.

Some design updates.
we noticed that when the lights are animating and they pass through the spacers which are opaque we were getting a skip in the motion due to that area not having any LEDs. Alex wrote some code to simulate the delay that would be needed for the animation of the pixels to be smooth. The code worked, but not having lights in the spacers was causing some other issues visually. To remedy this i am going to hack up the spacer rings and print a part to adapt a ring of LEDs to shine into the opaque part. This explanation is very poor and i apologize. I may try to get a video of this issue this week sometime to explain why we decided to shine LEDs into the back of an opaque part.

I have also updated the design to embed a 5" touch screen to the back of the core's center. Photos of this work will follow soon.

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